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    Adventures of a rare book dealer (and former small bookshop owner).

Monthly Archive February, 2007

On A Book Buy Last Week

SCENE: After buying thirteen boxes of general bread-and-butter-stock books at someone’s home.
SHE: We’re not interested in selling these, but we were hoping we could get your opinion about [this] set.
ME: Well, that’s a very nice set; not one I’m familiar with, but I’d imagine it’s held its value rather well.
[My eye catches something...]
ME: [...]

Belatedly, the ABAA Book Fair Report

[Sorry for the delay in posting. Between the 25 boxes of books I bought last week and various family illnesses, been falling behind. Look for more frequent postings in the future.]
I spent the whole of the recent weekend of Feb. 16th-18th in San Francisco at the ABAA Book Fair. As an as-yet [...]

Theodore Hittell

Thinking more about the purpose and goals I have for this blog, I realize I also want just a simple record of some of the more interesting materials I handle. Much of what I sell never makes it into a catalog or onto the Internet, and even those items that are listed on the [...]