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    Adventures of a rare book dealer (and former small bookshop owner).

Monthly Archive May, 2007

Nina Katchadourian…

…takes photos of book spines so that the titles can be read as very short stories. She calls it the Sorted Book Project.
Via Kottke.

The Gold Rush Book Fair Report

The Gold Rush Book Fair, while not especially lucrative, was eminently enjoyable. The crowds were steady, helped by a front-page article in the local paper. And though sales were less than hoped (which seemed the general consensus among the dealers I spoke to) , they were enough that between them, the new clients [...]

To Catch a Book Thief

The most costly aspect of dealing with a book thief is not so much the value of what is stolen (although this can be considerable), but rather the time it takes to deal with once discovered.
For a couple of weeks I’ve noticed that several books seemed to have gone missing from the shop. [...]

Catalog Reactions…

It’s been nice over the last few days getting feedback on the catalog. Lots if dealers have called or emailed to offer congrats on my first effort. Many have commented how many fewer booksellers are putting out catalogs of late (more on this soon). Some nice orders…Less than a week into the [...]


Those crickets you’ve been hearing around here are due to the fact that I’ve been busy finishing up my first catalog (just back from the printers). Tonight the wife and I (with our daughter putting on the stamps) will be busy sealing them up and putting on address labels. Should all be in [...]