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    Adventures of a rare book dealer (and former small bookshop owner).

Monthly Archive June, 2007


I’ll be heading back east for a couple of weeks. The family and I will be taking some much needed R&R and helping to celebrate my father’s retirement. I have a bit of book business to take care of over a couple of days in NYC. And perhaps I’ll get some scouting [...]

24 Hours in the Life of a Used Book

I always have mixed feelings when a book I care about is chosen by Oprah for her book club (The Corrections, House of Sand and Fog, Night, East of Eden, Light in August…). On the one hand, I like that good books get read and that reading as a pastime is endorsed on [...]

Catalog Reactions Part II

Some nice online press have been posted in the last couple of days. Americana Exchange notes “those who collect the ‘beat’ generation and its contemporaries in particular will be pleased with this catalogue” (more here). Meanwhile colleague Garrett Scott on his blog says “The catalog includes a well-researched batch of material [...] For [...]

Gold Rush Book Fair Redux

Following up on my report on the fair, the Americana Exchange has their own piece on Gold Rush in their latest issue, including a ten-minute video (!?) (high res and low res).
That’s my booth at the very end, but you’ll probably have to just take my word for it.