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    Adventures of a rare book dealer (and former small bookshop owner).

Monthly Archive September, 2007

This past Weds., I had a near-perfect day as a bookseller:

1] Began with a nice sale to a fellow book-dealer (book-talk, book-talk, book-talk) who visited the shop and then…
2] …An even nicer sale to a civilian so…
3] …Promptly spent a good portion of these sales on several fantastic (and much-needed) reference books…
4] …Purchased from another bookstore across town (more book-talk, book-talk, book-talk), followed by…
5] [...]

Sacramento Wrap-Up

Although this is the first time I have exhibited at Sacramento, by all accounts from other dealers, this was the best fair in years. Crowds were strong (and I do mean crowds – many times throughout the day I had to step out of the booth to make room for browsers) and people were [...]

Sacramento Book Fair

Yesterday I spent the day in the shop pulling material and boxing it up for the Sacramento Book Fair. I got together about eight file/banker boxes to far, slightly less than half of what I plan to bring. Personally, I find the decision of what to pack for a show very stressful. [...]

End of Summer Sale

For the next week I’m having an “End of Summer” sale on almost half my online inventory. With only a handful of exception (which have been removed from the catalog below), books with an inventory number of 2000 or less are on sale. Details are:
1) Books $50.00 or less are 50% off prices [...]