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    Adventures of a rare book dealer (and former small bookshop owner).

Monthly Archive February, 2008

Catalog No. Two

I’d wanted to post about the SF Book Fair (and still plan to), but between unpacking from the fair and preparing the new catalog for mailing, there just hasn’t been time. Speaking of which, I’m pleased to officially announce that Catalog No. Two is ready in both PDF or printed format. Highlights include:
- [...]

Another reason I love my wife…

“Did you read the new catalog**?”
“Yeah, looks really good.”
“Just one question though.”
“Who’s James Fenimore COPPER?”
“Oh crap.”
“Better call the printer.”
“And while you’re on the phone with him, you might want to ask him if he’s heard of an artist called NORMAL Rockwell, cause I know I sure haven’t.”
“Oh, and I’ve NEVER seen a letter written on [...]

The Pelican Project

Sixty years of Pelican covers. Very cool.