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    Adventures of a rare book dealer (and former small bookshop owner).

Monthly Archive April, 2009

Book Buying Conversation Of The Day

SHE: “This book is going for $85.00 on the internet. I’ll take $25.00 for it though.”
ME: “Let’s take a look.”
SHE: “Well, I said it’s going for $85.00.”
ME: (typing) “MmmHmm”
SHE: “You don’t believe me?”
ME: (typing)
SHE: (straining to see my computer) “What would you pay for a book worth that much?”
ME: “For this book and these couple [...]

2009 Colorado Antiquarian Seminars

I just posted this over at the Fine Books and Collections blog, but though I’d put it up here too for the three or four people who read this blog but not the one at FB&C (and if you’re not, you should!):

I would just list to pick up where Chris left off and recommend that [...]

An Experiment: Cheep Reads

The last couple of days I’ve had some success posting some special deals to my Twitter account (@briancassidy), but in the interest of not annoying those friends and followers who would prefer their tweets without commercial interuptions, I’ve started a new account: @cheepreads. (Tweet+cheap, get it?). So a couple times a day or so I’ll [...]