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    Adventures of a rare book dealer (and former small bookshop owner).

Monthly Archive November, 2009

Daily Links – November 13, 2009

Proulx papers. NYPL acquires.
the internet isn't killing anything. No, not even books.
Christian Swinehart's epic Choose Your Own Adventure visualizations. These are lovely and amazing.

Daily Links – November 12, 2009

Theme Park Maps through the ages. Great ephemera site. And proof that collections need not be costly to be cool.

Daily Links – November 7, 2009

Please – no preferential treatment. Isaac Asimov is so cool.

Daily Links – November 5, 2009

MA Gov Suggests State Library May Close. Um. Yeah. So bad.
Edmund Wilson's all-purpose "get lost" letter. This is just too friggin awesome.

Daily Links – November 4, 2009

Books have stalled. “Book mechanic” Michael Turner explaining how books are like rotary phones.
A LITTLE NIGHT READING. Pondering the impact of new technologies and the internet on the ability to maintain sustained reading and attention.
Book Review: "The Case for Books". Makes me want to read this Robert Darnton collection.
Unfurling: Isabel Rucker's 400-foot-long graphic novel scroll. [...]

Daily Links – November 3, 2009

Mark Twain, illuminated. Mark Twain with Tesla Coil. No not a title of post-modern still life.