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    Adventures of a rare book dealer (and former small bookshop owner).

Monthly Archive January, 2010

BLOG SPECIAL: $10 Literary Firsts

We now interrupt this blog, biblioblography, for a brief message from our sponsor: Brian Cassidy, Bookseller.
Been cataloguing a lot of modern firsts this week leftover from the shop. Here’s a more or less random selection of great writers offered at a special price. Any title is $10 including postage (domestic media). Take any three titles [...]

Baltimore Book Fair (Belatedly [Very])

Finally got around to uploading a small group of photos from last September’s Baltimore Book Fair, where I exhibited and which takes place in conjunction with the Summer Antiques Fair. You can see the photos on Flickr with my annotations.
It’s a great fair. Set-up (as you can see in the photos) was a snap. [...]

Getting There…

Evaluating an Archive: Or Why I’m Glad I Have a Huge Dining Room Table

Feeling like crap today. Bad cold. Fortunately I have this to keep me occupied:

It’s newly-arrived archive I’m evaluating. I love going through, digging into, and organizing an archive, trying to piece together the story it tells. Especially useful in these situations is an over-sized dining room table (and an understanding wife). Can’t say much about [...]

Over-Pursuing: On Paying Too Much For Books

It happens. You miscalculate scarcity or demand. Or a widow asks you, tears in her eyes, “Is that all?” A dealer charms you with a book’s virtues. Or assures you “The only one on the internet right now.” You get overexcited at an auction. Or you drool over some choice item at a book fair. [...]