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    Adventures of a rare book dealer (and former small bookshop owner).

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We have permanently moved.

If you are still reading this blog at this address, and perhaps especially if you are still subscribed to our RSS feed, please note that we are now located here:
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I’m Not Dead Yet

To the (perhaps) dozens of readers still hanging on and following this blog, I say to you: All is not lost! My posting has been infrequent and sporadic (at best), but changes are afoot. So once you’ve recovered from the shock of seeing Biblioblography in your rss reader again, some news…
First and foremost, I’ve had [...]

J.D. Salinger

Over at the Fine Books and Collections blog, I’ve posted some thoughts on the effects that J.D. Salinger’s death might have on the market for materials signed by him. In summary:
But my guess is that getting a signed book by Salinger will remain a tough and very expensive proposition, while laying one’s hands on a [...]

BLOG SPECIAL: $10 Literary Firsts

We now interrupt this blog, biblioblography, for a brief message from our sponsor: Brian Cassidy, Bookseller.
Been cataloguing a lot of modern firsts this week leftover from the shop. Here’s a more or less random selection of great writers offered at a special price. Any title is $10 including postage (domestic media). Take any three titles [...]


Things have been quiet around here, and with good reason. I recently completed a cross-country move from our beloved Monterey to the Washington DC area. Yes, sadly I had to close my bookshop. But unlike other stories of bookstore closings, this was not a sad tale of diminishing readers and sales, the woes of Amazon, [...]

An Experiment: Cheep Reads

The last couple of days I’ve had some success posting some special deals to my Twitter account (@briancassidy), but in the interest of not annoying those friends and followers who would prefer their tweets without commercial interuptions, I’ve started a new account: @cheepreads. (Tweet+cheap, get it?). So a couple times a day or so I’ll [...]

Live, from the Santa Monica Book Fair!

I leave tomorrow for the Santa Monica Book Fair where I’ll be exhibiting (Booth 712a) and thought I would try something a little different.
Through the wonders of modern technology (read: my iPhone), I’ll be posting nearly-live updates from the fair – from set-up to break-down and everything in between, maybe even a few from the [...]

Been a Crazy Summer

I’ve been neglecting this blog (again). The summer has just been crazy; traveling / vacation, family visits, daughter out of school and assorted other major and minor personal distractions have served to conspire to keep me from posted here. In between all of this confusion, I have managed to get some actual work [...]

Two Announcements

First, if you’re going to be in or around the Monterey area before June 1st, our spring sale is going on. 20% off almost everything in the shop (sorry, in-store sales only).
And in other news, fellow bookseller Michael Lieberman of Wessel and Lieberman has invited me to be a regular contributor on his blog, [...]

From the Dept. of Tooting My Own Horn: William S. Burroughs and an Interview

Last month, colleague Ken Lopez and I handled a rare and important archive of original collages and photographs by/from Naked Lunch author William S. Burroughs. Jed Birmingham, who writes the Bibliographic Bunker column for the WSB site RealityStudio, asked if I would answer some questions about the collection and other related topics. The [...]

Do not adjust your screens…

Playing with the design. Please stand by.

The Charlie Chaplin Book

I’m starting a new feature today, a kind of experiment. Regularly (maybe a couple of times a week), I’ll highlight a recent acquisition, one that is interesting or unusual in some respect. For awhile now, I’ve been meaning to shine a light on some of the more fascinating books that cross my desk, [...]

Tooting My Own Horn

Americana Exchange was kind enough to profile my second catalog in their latest AE Monthly online newsletter. You can read the review here.

Catalog No. Two

I’d wanted to post about the SF Book Fair (and still plan to), but between unpacking from the fair and preparing the new catalog for mailing, there just hasn’t been time. Speaking of which, I’m pleased to officially announce that Catalog No. Two is ready in both PDF or printed format. Highlights include:
- [...]

Do you recognize anyone in this picture…

This picture [click for full-size] was taken at the Metropole nightclub in New York City circa 1959. That’s about all I can say about this photo with much confidence. For reasons rather too convoluted to explain here but related to an archive I’m currently cataloging, I’m trying to identify the people [...]

End of Summer Sale

For the next week I’m having an “End of Summer” sale on almost half my online inventory. With only a handful of exception (which have been removed from the catalog below), books with an inventory number of 2000 or less are on sale. Details are:
1) Books $50.00 or less are 50% off prices [...]


I’ll be heading back east for a couple of weeks. The family and I will be taking some much needed R&R and helping to celebrate my father’s retirement. I have a bit of book business to take care of over a couple of days in NYC. And perhaps I’ll get some scouting [...]


Those crickets you’ve been hearing around here are due to the fact that I’ve been busy finishing up my first catalog (just back from the printers). Tonight the wife and I (with our daughter putting on the stamps) will be busy sealing them up and putting on address labels. Should all be in [...]

Another Book Blog?

Booksellers are largely Luddite in nature. Most have, therefore, only recently come to blogging. That said, the last year has seen a (relative) explosion of bookselling blogs: from J Godsey’s link-heavy Bibliophile Bullpen to Hugh Howell’s advice-oriented Entrepeneurial Bookselling, from Bookfinder’s and Fine Books and Collections’ respective spin-offs to the eminently readable musings [...]