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    Adventures of a rare book dealer (and former small bookshop owner).

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Do you recognize anyone in this picture…

This picture [click for full-size] was taken at the Metropole nightclub in New York City circa 1959. That’s about all I can say about this photo with much confidence. For reasons rather too convoluted to explain here but related to an archive I’m currently cataloging, I’m trying to identify the people [...]

Nina Katchadourian…

…takes photos of book spines so that the titles can be read as very short stories. She calls it the Sorted Book Project.
Via Kottke.

Cara Barer, Photographer

Cara Barer takes elegant photos of damp/water-damaged books. The effect is haunting and beautiful:

Turning the Pages

The National Library of Medicine has striking virtual versions of Conrad Gessner’s Historiae Animalium and Ouevres now online (as well as a couple of others). (You can read more about this “father of bibliography” here.) The technology behind the Gessners is called Turning the Pages. There’s a short Microsoft commercial video about [...]

Theodore Hittell

Thinking more about the purpose and goals I have for this blog, I realize I also want just a simple record of some of the more interesting materials I handle. Much of what I sell never makes it into a catalog or onto the Internet, and even those items that are listed on the [...]

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