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    Adventures of a rare book dealer (and former small bookshop owner).

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Teeny-Tiny Bookstore

This is U-Needa-Book of Bandon, Oregon. I discovered this bookstore last summer during my vacation up the West Coast and have been meaning to post an image since then. Just came across it again on my computer. Better late than never?
The store is literally about 10×15 and occupies what looks to have formerly been a [...]

An Experiment: Cheep Reads

The last couple of days I’ve had some success posting some special deals to my Twitter account (@briancassidy), but in the interest of not annoying those friends and followers who would prefer their tweets without commercial interuptions, I’ve started a new account: @cheepreads. (Tweet+cheap, get it?). So a couple times a day or so I’ll [...]

“Have the right books”

That’s Larry McMurty’s simple advice to booksellers from this profile. He continues:
Junk is a major problem, it tends to creep in. The taste of the bookseller is important. We sell only our kind of books, a general humanities selection, all in very good condition.”

Edwards Books to close

Edwards Books of Springfield, MA was at the center of one of my favorite bookselling memoirs: Suzanne Strempek Shea’s Shelf Life: Romance, Mystery, Drama and Other Page-Turning Adventures From a Year in a Bookstore about her time working in the shop after battling breast cancer.
Sadly, the shop is closing.

Bookseller as Comic Hero

The Accidental Bookseller is a weblog of Hélène Lefébure who lives in the UK and posts strips based on her life, including many from her job at a bookstore. Sharp and clever.
Meanwhile, Bookhunter is an entire graphic novel now available online that is perhaps more exciting but distinctly less, well, accurate. But how [...]

Strand Follow-Up

Picking up on the news Friday that employees of the legendary Strand bookstore in NYC are suing for discrimination, Gawker has an interesting (if often juvenile) discussion going on (scroll down to the comments section). And colleague Michael Lieberman raises some important questions:
Is there a point when a bookstore becomes too big to remain [...]

Impersonating an Author

Hoaxes Hit Bookstores:
The call came from someone who said he was the Los Angeles blogger and first novelist Mark Sarvas, who was reading at the store in a few days and seemed to be in a pinch. His car had been impounded, he needed money to get it back and he needed it right away.
“I [...]

Bookstore Poetry

What is more touching
than a used-book store on Saturday night,
dowdy clientele haunting the aisles:
the girl with bad skin, the man with a tic,
some chronic ass at the counter giving his art speech?
That’s poet August Kleinzahler in his poem “San Francisco/New York” nailing a miniature portrait of the biz in just a few lines. The [...]

“America’s Most Literate City”

The city tried to rebrand the area as a technology corridor, but not a single dot-com materialized. Instead, three nonprofit organizations formed a partnership in 1999, bought three adjacent warehouses and renovated them into Open Book, which says it is the largest — if not the only — literary and book arts center in the [...]

Two New Blogs

Erik Heywood of Books At Home: A Blog About Bookshelves (I site I long-ago should have added to the blogroll) has started a new blog (which immediately hits the blogroll), Books in New York:
Books In New York is an ongoing project, working to create a visual catalog of New York City’s bookstores, libraries and book [...]

Mister Bookseller

Nice short comic [click image above for complete strip] from Eastern Europe about a bookseller who has every book in the world “except one.”

Biblioporn: Maastricht’s Selexyz Dominicanen

The following slide-show includes incredible images from one of the most incredible bookstores in the world. Selexyz Dominicanen sits within a renovated Dutch cathedral. Further details can be found here and here, but the pictures largely speak for themselves:
Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.
[Mouse-over the top of the frame to activate slide-show controls.]