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    Adventures of a rare book dealer (and former small bookshop owner).

Daily Links – March 19, 2009

Written on March 19, 2009

Note that this blog has moved. The new URL is biblioblography.briancassidy.net. Please update your bookmarks.

Investment Books. In these confusing economic times, Marginal Revolutions recommends several investments books to turn to.

The Madness of the CPSIA and How Google and Amazon Might Benefit. Michael @ Book Patrol on the idiocy that is the CPSIA: “Who could possibly benefit from this ill-conceived law. Well, how about Google and Amazon for starters. Call me paranoid but if you eliminate the opportunity for people to acquire these books in their original form from bookstores and let’s assume that the publishers of pre-1985 books are not going to “safely” reprint them then where will you be able to get them. Where will this vast archive of of literary history live? Hmm, Google Book Search should have a copy for your perusal and Amazon just might have a copy for you to print on demand.”

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