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    Adventures of a rare book dealer (and former small bookshop owner).

Live, from the Santa Monica Book Fair!

Written on September 3, 2008

Note that this blog has moved. The new URL is biblioblography.briancassidy.net. Please update your bookmarks.

I leave tomorrow for the Santa Monica Book Fair where I’ll be exhibiting (Booth 712a) and thought I would try something a little different.

Through the wonders of modern technology (read: my iPhone), I’ll be posting nearly-live updates from the fair – from set-up to break-down and everything in between, maybe even a few from the road – via both Flickr and Twitter. If you’d like to follow along, here are the links:

The Santa Monica Book Fair – A Flickr Set (also available in RSS flavor)

Me on Twitter (or RSS)

Booth shots, interesting books, behind-the-scenes info…The next best thing to being there.

And I even have a few free passes left. Email me at books at briancassidy dot net and I’ll leave one for your at the door if you’d like to attend; first come, first served.

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